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The Cacciucco, a fish soup that represents the soul and history of the city of Livorno

Discover the origins and secrets of a signature dish of Tuscany

Cacciucco is a seafood soup that represents the most authentic soul and history of the city of Livorno.

The Grand Dukes of Tuscany, the doctors at the end of 1500, decided to turn a small village into a major commercial port by enacting the so-called Leggi Livornine (1590-1603), where they invited the people of other Nations to move to Tuscany, in return for the cancellation of their debts.

The port of Livorno became a crossroads of peoples and cultures which gave the city the nickname "cosmopolitan".

Cacciucco is the ethnic origins of Livorno.

In this dish they are cooked various types of fish that are the merge properly balanced the various cultures within the city.

A popular dish that tells the history and the uses of the fishermen who at the end of the day preparing the cacciucco with fish were.

In the recipe, in fact, there is a specific fish with which to prepare this dish.

The essential elements are the fresh fish, chives, Sage, prepared with tomato sauce, toasted bread rubbed with garlic.

The identity of Livorno is expressed within a tasty fish dish where it is essential to know how to measure out all ingredients well, creating a harmony of flavors.