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TECNOVINE awarded by It's Tuscany in Primevera D'impresa 2019

Discover an excellence of our region

It's Tuscany took part in Primavera D'impresa in Prato, an event dedicated to innovative Tuscan companies, last March 21 and decided to award TECNOVINE for the vanguard of its mission.


It is an innovative startup specialized in the research of agronomic and in particular wine methodologies for the short and long term prediction of the development of the cultures and the optimization of the production, in function of reducing The environmental impact of agricultural activities, increase the quality of products and reduce management costs.

How was it born?

TECNOVINE had an almost causal gestation, playing almost for game and developed over time as a possible professional alternative for the founding members. In 2016, during the final phase of university studies, one of the members graduating in oenology began to develop, as thesis work, a mathematical model for the prediction of the yield of a wine growing. The work, supported by a significant experimental activity, was presented to a European Enterprise Accelerator (FINODEX) which financed its first development. Subsequently, other funding came from the Tuscan region, which allowed further activities in the field and data collection. In the while the development activity has been presented both in the scientific field (2017 in Conegliano and 2018 in Piacenza), both at the industrial level (Primavera D'impresa 2017 and Start Cup Toscana 2018), obtaining interest you know on a technical level that of idea Entrepreneurial. In December 2108, thanks also to funding from the Calabria region, was born the innovative startup TECNOVINE, which targets, by 2019, to market the product VINE40CAST, a hardware/software platform for forecasting (from 3 days to 9 months) Development of a wine asset, identifying the risks associated with development and optimizing the operational activities to maximize the economic management of the companies.

We discover his mission and his vision

The aim of the company is to provide, at reduced costs, a platform for the management of the vineyard asset that uses open data and a basic sensoristic cost, easy to use, and that allows to predict the physiological state of the plant and the characteristics of Grapes both in real time and those obtainable on the basis of the foreseen meteorological and operative conditions, including potential thermal, water, nutritional and pathological stresses, a platform developed to support companies that for size, capacity Economic or professional cannot access specialized technical advice for vineyard management and optimize the efficiency of its asset.

TECNOVINE is the challenge of a group of oenologists and engineers to be able to transfer in the field of precision viticulture the forecasting methodologies used in the industrial and process fields, combining technical knowledge related to the modelling of Complex physical systems with those specific to the physiology of the vine and its phenological development according to the interfaces with the exterior (soil, meteorology, cultural choices). The bet is to be able to predict, and consequently optimize, the development of wine assets by evaluating in detail the effects, in the short and long term, of operational choices aimed at mitigating, contrasting and exploiting all those Boundary conditions influencing the development, in terms both quantitative (production) and qualitative (content) of the production of a specific asset.

Congratulations to TECNOVINE.COM and good luck until the next milestone!