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The origins of Sartoria Vestrucci go hand in hand with the history of Loris Vestrucci, key man of this activity.

The master Vestrucci made his first jacket at the age of 12 years: it was so thrilled by this first creation, that we worked for hours during the night. When finished the jacket came to an important conclusion: it would have made the tailor for the rest of her life!

When Thomas Melani proposed to Loris Vestrucci, who had always used the spaces of his home as a laboratory, to open a new tailor's shop in the Centre of Florence, the enthusiasm was great. The intention of Melani was that both form a new generation of tailors, followed by master Vestrucci, which creates a new generation of customers looking for high quality tailoring. This sparked Tailoring Vestrucci, synonymous with great technical mastery and refined style.

The city of Florence needs a quality craftsmanship that will distinguish itself from the creations designed for an audience quite touristed. Tailoring Vestrucci meets this need: a workshop dedicated to the packaging of quality clothes for men.

The tailoring is located on the South side of the River Arno in Florence, a small entrance leads to a broad and deep interior where many shelves full of fabrics ready to be cut. The first cutting table there is Loris Vestrucci, always intent on giving the basting stitches.

Achievements of Vestrucci Florentine style joins the British one and it is from this mixing of genres, along with a flawless technique, that was born the elegance and sophistication that characterises these dresses.

Area territoriale

Firenze e Area Fiorentina


The details that make the difference

The style of Vestrucci follows the rules of Florentine tailoring. The shoulders of the jackets, therefore, are a little extended, slightly padded and with a fairly natural stroke in the length of the sleeves.

The passion of a life

The passion for tailoring has been cultivated by Loris Vestrucci since adolescence and today sees its climax with the opening of a store that bears his name. The maestro Vestrucci has worked extensively for the entrepreneur Tommaso Capozzoli but not only, in fact, he has also cut for numerous Japanese stylists.