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The Società Pesciatina d'Orticoltura - SPO was founded in Pescia in 1932, initially as a producer of nursery plants and flowering plants.

In the '50, the SPO reaches its apex in the field, thanks to growing techniques adopted, extremely advanced, and the work of the Knight Renato del Ministro, one of the founders of the company. The olive trees began to play more and more importance among the productions of the company.

In 1959, in collaboration with the University of Florence, were launched new techniques for propagation of olives, and was fine-tuning the technique of propagation by cuttings, which later became standards at the international level.

Today, decades later, the company is presented to customers as Spoolivi, a modern company, specialized on the propagation of the olive trees, to offer the best experience in more than 80 years of work passionate about this plant, always at the top of the industry and in step with the times.

Spoolivi is the ideal partner for those interested in the cultivation of olives and extra virgin olive oil of highest quality, with a network of 12 companies, leader in Tuscany, able to follow the customer from plant up to the finished product, olive oil.

The highly qualified staff, collaborates to the production at all stages of the supply chain and a group of professional consultants offers services to those who require it.

Spoolivi welcomes its guests at via Marconi 53 in Pescia, Pistoia.

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The production system

Spoolivi produces its olive tree plants following the self-decay techniques of semi-woody cuttings or grafting onto an olive seedling, the latter in particular being traditional in the Pescia area, where it was introduced in 1875.
Phytosanitary safety is the starting point of the entire production chain, the plants are certified: CAC - XYLELLA FREE - VIRUS FREE CO.RI.PRO - BIO CERTIFICATION BIOAGRICERT; in addition to the constant commitment to safeguard the certified heritage of mother plants.

Società Pesciatina D'Olivicoltura Via Marconi 53 51017 Pescia +39 0572 1905714