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Some things you may not know about Vasari Square

One of the most charming places of Tuscany, where time seems to have stopped

Today we speak of Arezzo and a much visited place, but everyone knows his biggest secret.

We're talking about great square, or piazza Vasari, one of our country's most plastic architectural complexes, for some of the world.



The reason for so much beauty

Piazza grande was built uphill, coming to have for this reason a trapezium shape where facing churches, historic buildings, but also beautiful arcades and shops that still maintain the charm of Tuscany.


Place inhabited by the big names of poetry and cinema

The entire city of Arezzo was the cradle of Italian poetry of the ' 200, giving the birthplace of poets such as Petrarca, Guittone d'Arezzo and other artists such as Giorgio Vasari, world renowned architect and symbol of Tuscany.

Arezzo was also part of the set of "La Vita è Bella", where no one could miss some of the most touching scenes in the heart of Piazza Vasari.


The origins of the square

Vasari square dates back to Roman times where there was the Roman Forum. During the communal period the square became the epicenter merchant trade, citizen of religious life and even military.


The House of the Giostra del Saracino

As if that weren't enough, this splendid piazza di Arezzo has always been the ancient Saracen joust. The national event, dating back to medieval times still takes place to commemorate the city's past, twice a year.

A place not to be missed if you have not yet visited, to lose yourself in the charm of one of the most interesting Rajesh of our Tuscany