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Rosignano Marittimo

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The origins of the name Rosignano Marittimo is derived from the Roman family of the Rasinii, which had at the time different soils in the area. There aren't a lot of medieval town news, what is certain is that here had several estates the powerful family Della Gherardesca. The first mention of the Castle dates back to the 11th century, when it was erected to guard the coast. La rocca, on whose door makes a fine show the coat of arms of doctors, guards inside various buildings such as the  Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni Battista e Ilario and the Torri circolari medicee of 1562. From the twelfth century Rosignano is under the power of Pisa and then five centuries later, in the hands of the Florentines.

The real development of the municipality you have at the beginning of the 20th century with the development of the industrial sector of Solvay, premises for the manufacture of soda, which gave rise to the village of Rosignano Solvay. From that moment the coast underwent a remarkable transformation, I am demonstrating the familiar white beaches resulting from waste from the working of bicarbonates and the resulting discharge of nearby factory. Feature is the Città-giardino di Rosignano Solvay, created to accommodate employees and workers at the company and inspired by the urban and social theories circulating in 19TH century England. It is late Victorian architecture with simple and strict and elegant symmetry facades of buildings.


Traditions and typical products

Rosignano Marittimo is Città dell’Olio, it is in fact engaged in the promotion and enhancement of Virgin olive oil produced in its territory. The main product of Tuscany is also dedicated a Kermis Verde Oro with typical local products and the inevitable extra virgin olive oil. On the occasion of the feast, it also takes place in September Settembre Rosignanese, in which held the traditional palio dei rioni with a procession in historical costume with flag wavers.



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