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Garden Giovannetti is a company specialized in growing and selling plants for all environments. It is located in the focal point ofTuscan nurseries, in Serravalle Pistoiese in the province of Pistoia.

The owner Emanuele Giovannetti, active in the nursery for more than 20 years, has grown between plants and greenery and for some time has been launching a major project called "Regala Salute" using plants as instruments of well-being for people.Some houseplants, in fact, have special properties and can absorb pollutants present in domestic environments, thus improving the quality of the air we breathe. Who buys a plant from Garden Giovannetti offers health for himself and his loved ones.

With the Regala Salute brand, Garden Giovanetti wants to spread throughout its customers the green culture and the benefits that plants take in the environments in which we live. Through the Facebook page dedicated to the project, the company raises awareness and educates consumers on this issue.

For Emanuele, in fact, the plants are not only furniture, but tools to improve the air and the environments in which we live every day.

The project of Garden Giovannetti is supported by many scientific studies that have shown how some types of plants are able to absorb and neutralize the volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are often featured in our dwellings. Through collaboration with the Consortium CINSA (who performed in 2016 a search) you can have a certification, and also, through our records, you can have specific advice for your interior, in order to improve the indoor air.


Regala Salute awaits you in Serravalle Pistoiese in the province of Pistoia.

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The proliferation of paints, plastics, solvents, glues, detergents and gas from the exhaust pipes of cars around our cities, the quality of the air we breathe is becoming worse and worse.

Offers health, buy an indoor plant to improve the quality of your home

VIVAI PIANTE GIOVANNETTI EMANUELE Via Pontassio 64 51034 Casalguidi +39 327 9915542