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Prato falls within the flat area of the Valle del Bisenzio that stretches in the heart of Tuscany, halfway between Pistoia and Florence.

The city took shape in Etruscan, but developed as an urban center in the 10th century. During the middle ages, Prato became a city populated as a result of the development of the wool industry and the arrival of the Holy Girdle: a relic of the Virgin Mary were at the Cathedral of the city. In 1300 were built walls to protect the city, still visible and able to convey the charm of its history.

Already caretaker of works of artists such as Botticelli and Donatello, the city experienced a significant artistic and economic development since the 18th that gave greater glory to the town.

Prato is a town in the Tuscan art of great value. Museo di Palazzo Pretorio retains some of the most beautiful Renaissance works by Filippo and Filippino Lippi and Botticelli.

The external pulpit of the Duomo, where it is exposed during the holidays the Cintola, was built by Michelozzo and decorated by Donatello. Through the streets of the city you can find historic buildings such as the Collegio Cicognini where he studied the poet Gabriele D'annunzio and large spaces as market square, one of the largest in Europe.



Every year in Prato is celebrating the birth of our Lady. The 8th September, external from the pulpit of the Cathedral, the Bishop shows his precious Reliquia del Sacro Cingolo, a symbol of faith in the world of which the city preserves its original according to ancient history.

A very impressive historical event is Gioco della Palla Grossa. For this occasion, the quarters of the city parade in medieval clothes before battle it out in the market square in a particular football match commemorating Calcio storico fiorentino.


Typical products

Prato produces some of the most popular Tuscan specialities, handmade in Italy and worldwide.

Cantuccini almond biscuits stuffed are perfect served with famous Tuscan Vin Santo. To savor the taste of true snack made in Tuscany you must try the crushed stuffed with Mortadella of Prato IGP.


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