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Podere Cipollini is a family-run farm.

Located in the municipality of Vinci, precisely on the slopes of Montalbano (also known as Leonardo's hills), the company is located in the heart of one of the production areas of Tuscan oil and wine excellence.

TheCendali family founded Podere Cipollini in 2001, with the aim of developing sustainable agriculture, whichis indicative of the environment and biodiversity. Among the priorities of the company must be included the preservation of the Tuscan landscape, characterized, in this area, by terraces structured with dry stone walls.

The land, of about 10 hectares, is cultivated with olive trees of different varieties including Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and Mignola and with a small vineyard with Sangiovese and Canaiolo vines.

Podere Cipollini is always looking for new flavors, in a path of innovation in the well-rooted tradition, in the popular culture of the places; the main objective is to offer sensations and experiences that go beyond simply tasting the products and that are able to involve the consumer in a path of historical, cultural as well as sensory sharing, thus bringing customers from their homes to the lands of Podere Cipollini. From consumers to friends.

Area territoriale

Firenze e Area Fiorentina


Podere Cipollini

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022 - Can 5 liters


€ 58,00

Podere Cipollini

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022 - Can 3 liters


€ 35,00

Podere Cipollini

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022 - 1 liter can


€ 13,00

Podere Cipollini

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022 – 0,25 lt bottle


€ 5,00

Podere Cipollini

Warm Embrace 2022 - Pack 3 bottles of 0,75 lt


€ 18,00

Podere Cipollini

Warm Embrace 2021 - Pack of 3 bottles of 0.75 lt


€ 20,00

Podere Cipollini

Warm Embrace 2022 - Bordeaux bottle 0,75 lt


€ 6,50

Podere Cipollini

Warm Embrace 2021 - Bordeaux bottle 0,75 lt


€ 7,50
Azienda agricola “Cipollini” di Francesco Cendali Via Pistoiese 258 50059 Vinci 3356163443