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Metal Bonsai Art is the name of a task created by the magistral combination between fancy and creativeness of Paolo Terrosi, Tuscan artist who creates metal sculptures inspired by the trees, in the heart of Fauglia, in the province of Pisa.

Paolo Terrosi was born in Pisa, in the city that gave the birthplace of Galileo Galilei and which saw the succession of great names that have contributed to making Tuscany the cradle of art worldwide. Paolo, inspired by a land full of culture, has embarked on an emotional journey that took him years to become a unique artist, for the ability to create sculptures inspired by the trees.

Behind the work of Paolo Terrosi is not only the passion for nature, but above all a value that prompted me to convey your mood in what from simple metal wires becomes a sculpture dedicated to a precious creature of nature: the tree.

Each work is inspired by the form of expression that the beauty of chestnut and oak trees, the elegance of the cypresses and the generous delicacy of olives are able to send you; playing between what is real, and sometimes with what is son of fantasy, or of his creativity.

Hundreds of strands that are woven to form real sculptures dedicated to nature, born from the emotion that this is able to transmit to the artist and which is reflected in each and every one who met his masterpieces .

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The Wire Tree Art

The tangle of wires, each worked by hand to give shape to an object that is able to convey an emotion, and that the love for nature and trees becomes a sculpture. Simple concepts, capable of inspiring the art of Paul Tahir, Tuscan master who brought a concept to become tangible and able to transmit a value.

Art for Paolo Tahir is not only engagement in the process, but also the ability to transmit, the leitmotive that drives him every day to create and that has always been his greatest reward.

Paolo Terrosi Metal Bonsai Art Via Giorgio Kienerk 69L 56043 Fauglia +39 3898293386