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Palio di Siena, 2 July 2018

Here's all the information you need for the Palio on 2 July 2018

To the sound of trumpets and in the words of Marcia del Palio:

Ecco il segnal! Già la gran pista è aperta: i barberi in gruppo, al canape van. Fuggono veloci nella polvere, arde in ognun la gloria! Freme e grida il popolo agitandosi! Ecco il segnal: vittoria!” Siena and its guests are ready to experience another exciting Palio.


Here's what to do for the Palio of July 2th

The Palio, centuries-old tradition of the city of Siena we run in the charming "clamshell" Piazza del Campo during the weekend of July 2 and August 16.

The Palio on 2th July, in honor of the Madonna di Provenzano is the one with more light, is in fact going to 19.30 after the Palio (palio painting) is hoisted on the stage of the judges; Meanwhile you flaunted finale, called "Victory" of the seventeen bishops from all quarters.

You can attend the Palio for free, by visiting Piazza del Campo before the entrance of the historic procession from any breach; or via G. Dupré after the parade made its entry (this step closes at 18.15).

While for those who want to can enjoy the career surcharge on stages, those not reserved to 17 Contrade. Since there is no centralized ticket, you must apply directly to the managers of individual antlers or to the owners of the apartments overlooking the square. Alternatively you can send an email to


Complete programme of the 2th July:

The day of the Palio begins with the sixth test in the morning that Provaccia before finishing with the Palio:

3.30 p.m hours-first notice (firing of mortars)
4 p.m-second notice (firing of mortars)
4.40 p.m-start track-clearing hours
5.15 p.m hours-parade Contingent police on horseback
5.20 p.m hours-Entrance Procession in the "field"
7.30 p.m hours-exit of the horses from the courtyard of the Mayor

02 July 2018