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Alpi Apuane


Living your Tuscan mountain in summer

Excursions on the Alpi Apuane visiting the Monte Forato

Summer is the best time to indulge in a moment of leisure, and what better place than Tuscany mountain can be visited to enjoy the coolness of mountain paths, abandoning the sultry heat of the city, but ideal for enjoy each season.

The ideal choice is a trip on the Apuane, a magical place to visit the charming Monte Forato, popular destination because in his paths is revealed a natural arch that combines the twin peaks that compose it, creating a hole that you can observe from Garfagnana to Versilia.


The mount Forato and its fascinating legend

It is said that the mount Forato takes its name from the clash between the Devil and San Pellegrino born from a first attempt to dissuade the religious in prayer.

The devil struck San Pellegrino who tired of the constant harassment he decided to react with a slap so strong that hurled the demon against the mountain that banging her head created the famous hole that is revealed to the eye of hikers and vacationers.


A visit surrounded by nature

Tuscany through its trails is full of places to discover. Entering in the paths of Monte Forato you can choose different solutions with different difficulties, indicated by the various routes operated by FAI. One of the most popular is the path number 6, a journey only to visit Grotta del Vento and get lost among the stalagmites and stalactites polished by wind and water over the centuries. Place full of hidden deep wells and rivers without end, where you can stop before reaching the Tana che Urla characterized by noise that escapes and resembling a howl.


An ecosystem from unquestioned artistic merit

Artists like Vasari and Ammannati, Giambologna and Michelangelo Buonarroti, Apuane benefited gold, the precious marble that used to give life to their works appreciated worldwide .

Now choose the Alpi Apuane means discovering the secrets of Monte Forato and landscape surrounding it. Timeless places where you can rediscover the pleasure of untouched nature, choosing a day in late August to make healthy hike and visit the places that were inspiration for the greatest artists Italians.