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There is no 15th August in Siena

This is what happens the day before the Palio

Ferragosto in all cities of Italy stands for holidays and relaxation. Mid August in Siena does not exist. Is experienced as a whirlwind of emotions, expectations and above all is the day when is done the Cena della Prova Generale.


What is Cena della Prova Generale?

In the late afternoon (about at 19 and 15) of 15 August is running the fifth "prova" or "Prova Generale"? (trial of Palio), usually preceded by a performance by police on horseback.

After the test, in each of the Districts participating in the Palio di Siena is held the Cena della Prova Generale, a real ceremony, accompanied by chants and wishes for the success of the Contrada. The Jockey sits in a place of honor in the table of the main authorities of the locality, as Prior and Captain followed by all Locals.

The dinners are held outdoors in the streets or squares of each ward lit, which remain closed to transit for most of the day.

The night between 15 and 16 August is the night that you enter into the secret pacts between Allied Contrade, in order to win the prize and take out rival Contrade. After dinner take place speeches Rite by the captain, the prior and the Jockey and the singing of the anthem font.

Those who are not from Siena can attend the dinner before Palio??
Yes, but you must register and pay a few days before at the company of your choice for dinner.