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Certaldo (FI)


Mercantia 2018

The Fourth Theater International Festival reaches the 31st edition

The International Street Theatre Festival of Certaldo, Mercantia, turns 31 years. A showcase with the most interesting experiences related to this form of theatre which this year follows the theme "between Earth and heaven".

Why between Earth and sky? Because in its early years the teatralfestamedievale as a caterpillar has crawled through the streets of the village, transforming itself over the past decade into a chrysalis and today, the 31st Edition, is ready to take flight in the form of colorful butterfly.

The fourth Theatre

The 2018 is Mercantia year of change, the festival changes its look. It's time for the "citizen Theatre" and Certaldo and its streets becoming part of a large European theatrical project that gives life to a theater. A formula that does not look to the undifferentiated public but to the individual person with ad hoc show proposals for all tastes; a theatre that values the human relationship and the relationship between actor and spectatorsand 4 are the main directions and fourth because because the fourth dimension is that of experimentation, where exploring new paths for a theater magic can draw new geometries.

The event

The beautiful medieval town of Certaldo and his party have become the unmissable event for all those involved in any art form, the meeting place and sharing among artists and visitors. Certaldo Alto for the occasion comes alive every year in many installations, performances, shows and games devoted to the smallest. Mercantia is the oasis of the theater walking country within a few minutes, the funicular catapult visitors in the heart of the party where the hard part is, as always, every year choose which show assist.

This year Mercantia comes alive in the days from Wednesday, 11 to Sunday 15 February 2018, this year for admittance in the upper part of the village there is a ticket with discounts and special offers for young people.


Learn more at the site of the event.



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