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Lorenzo Jovanotti

The star who lives in Cortona

Lorenzo Cherubini aka Jovanotti, was born on 27 September 1966 in Rome of Tuscan parents.

Jova is one of the Italian artists more loved and is considered the pioneer of rap music and hip-hop in the peninsula.  The artist, over the years, from rap and disco music approaching to funk music.

But along with the musical evolution, Lorenzo Jovanotti undertakes increasingly also in social work alongside international artists such as Bono Vox of U2, in the fight for the cancellation of the debt of poor countries.

The Cortona di Lorenzo

Jovanotti has spent much of his childhood in Cortona (AR), birthplace of his parents and just in Cortona took its first steps as a disc jockey and Radio Foxes, the radio station of the town of Arezzo, sees a Lorenzo young and full of passion .

Cortona for Jova is still a key place: here he married the 6 September 2008, here is the villa where he lives with his family and is always here that often cannot find the creativity to compose the lyrics and music of his great successes.

The concert-tribute to Cortona

In July 2014 Cortona is leading a big concert Lorenzo Jovanotti: the artist has performed in front of more than eleven thousand people!

The beautiful Piazza Signorelli, where it was assembled on stage, was full of fans flocked from all over Tuscany. During her performance, Lorenzo Cherubini sang his most famous pieces and improvised a freestyle inspired by Cortona.

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