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For Leonardo Taddei, a fifty-year-old from Prato, his passion for art and painting was born during his adolescence, during his training as a technician for designing and designing fabrics.
It is in the study of the technical drawing and in the realization of the sketches that gradually acquires the mastery of the sign of forms and color, which leads Leonardo to a self-taught and personal search for artistic expression.

The stretch of the boundaries of his paintings is crisp and simple, the colors are applied to plate in an alternation of black, white, red, yellow, green, and blue, in an intense chromaticism.

That's how compare Prato, a city dear to Leonardo Taddei in his works; with its factories, tanks and chimneys in an intrigue that highlights the characteristic of the city made of promiscuity among houses and factories.

The feelings that you breathe in her paintings are the love for their city, a nostalgic love that leads him to represent the buildings of Prato always candid and without imperfections, as if time had stopped. The desire of those who refuse to surrender to reality and remember with regret the timing of hardworking industrial city that was.

Area territoriale

Valle del Bisenzio


Desire for expression

The artistic soul of Leonardo Taddei is driven by the need for expression without limits and without rules on the world around him. From here he generates, through his paintings, a precise and personal interpretation of reality.

Creative moments

The birth of a work often takes place in the most complex and troubled moments of existence. In the sleepless nights and in the dark days the works of Leonardo take shape.

Leonardo Taddei Via Cadorna 22 59100 Prato +39 333 8631602