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The ancient walls of Pisa open their doors to tourists

A scenic trip to discover the hidden treasures

Are you sure you really know Pisa? From Friday, may 18, the city is revealed in all its glory, and does so through the camminamento sugli antichi bastioni, walking the medieval walls, synonymous with history and charm to the discovery of a Tuscan jewel everything live. The route stretches from piazza dei Miracoli at the piazzetta Del Rosso, in an itinerary of 3000 meters, ten meters of height, holding my breath, where every moment is an opportunity to lose themselves in a unique and suggestions.

Pisa is a wonderful Tuscan town, famous for its historical leaning tower, Bell Tower of the Cathedral which stands in the heart of piazza del Duomo; for its artistic value, and its ancient traditions. Is the ideal place to discover the Tuscan charm, unfailing in tourist itineraries, but few know its more hidden intimacy.

To get it you need to reach the highest point of the wall, from four different entrances: Santa Maria Tower, Tower of the complex Marzotto, piazza delle Gondole, the wooden tower from Piazza Rossa; climbing the stairs leading to the walkway, where the show begins.

The eyes is the unique landscape with a chance to dive among the spires and marble Baptistery and the Cathedral lace disapearing between details of the Bell Tower, the sensation of touch the famous leaning tower. All this from above, suspended between myth and reality, divided by the wonders surrounding it only by stone parapet.

Along the way, once you get past the medieval charm of piazza dei Miracoli, the archaeological site of the Bagni di Nerone, Roman thermal building decorated with marble sculptures and found inside it.

The camminamento sugli antichi bastioni also has new scenarios, places never seen and unknown. The public gardens, beautiful seen from above; and the private Parco di San Silvestro, a green lung of one hectare entirely upgraded.

More than a thousand years of history to relive in a walk of a few kilometres, between monuments and historic buildings divided by channels from the Arno River, a symbol for the city, once crossed by boats that made famous Pisa for the historical maritime regattas. A project arrived in term, which finally opens its doors to the hidden secrets of the city, every day including holidays.