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Laura Tartarelli, important gallery owner in the heart of Pietrasanta, Centre for Contemporary art in Tuscany.

Laura possesses many characteristics that characterize a profession in constant evolution: to the knowledge of the most important artists and fairs, it unites the sensibility towards the culture, a managerial approach, a mastery In organizing events and a national and international network of collectors and customers who choose a serious and credible reference point for their purchases and to complete their collections.

Theexperience is linked to the Father -master of Wax in the most important foundries-and this allows you to know through first hand experiences a world that must look forward without ever forgetting the past.

In addition to a unique and personalized welcome, Laura Tartarelli proposes visits to the most evocative cultural places of the Territory, but above all suggests the direct contact with the studies of those artists who live in close contact with the matter. Just by experiencing the genesis of their works, in fact, it is possible to understand the emotion that presides over the invention, the action that transforms a block of marble, a bronze fusion or a secular olive tree into a work of art.

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Laura Tartarelli

"I feel more like a manager, the gallery is my office, a point of reference, it is a place where I express myself through precise choices that unite the old and the new, the past with the present."

LAURA TARTARELLI CONTEMPONARY ART via Garibaldi 22 55045 Pietrasanta +39 3478456750