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The Giostra del Saracino

The reenactment of Arezzo. An institution Tuscany

The Giostra del Saracino is a knightly tournament of medieval origin which takes place twice a year in Arezzo, in the setting of Piazza Grande. An event that involved an entire people for the atmosphere of celebration and jubilation that reigns in the streets, adorned with colors and music for the occasion.


Two magical editions: the first, the Giostra di San Donato on the night of the last weekend of June, Saturday and Sunday. The second, the Giostra della Madonna del Conforto, with the arrival of autumn, the first Saturday of the month, day. In both, the rings of the clarions scan the rhythm, of people and of the Knights as they battle to conquest of'coveted Golden Lance.


Already Dante, in the 22nd Canto of the Inferno in the Divine Comedy focusing on the exploits of participants recounted the reminder:

Corridor vidi per la terra vostra e vidi gir gualdane, fedir tornamenti e correre giostra


Live however the event firsthand is a very different thing. Here the ardor for your neighborhood has always given rise to a rivalry, and the spectacle of the Duelists fight, has a special flavor. A unique flavor, Tuscan.


The competition

Each district has two Knights, or giostratori who must try to get the most points by hitting the Backboard with a puppet, the Buratto. Every Challenger, riding a horse, a short way from Piazza Grande oblique on Earth and lid against the barrel that holds the Board. The difficulty lies in hitting the target, while the puppet, the rotary mezzafrusto weapon impairs the accuracy of stroke.

The total amount of points earned by two Duelists per team, assigns the victory to the Neighborhood.

The neighborhoods

1. Porta Crucifera, in honor of the chiesa Santa Croce, represented by red and green;

2. Porta del Foro, based in the area of Porta San Lorentino where is the chiesa di San Domenico, with Crimson and yellow dresses;

3. Porta Sant'Andrea, whose name comes from the Patron Sant'Andrea Guasconi, wear the colors green and white;

4. Porta Santo Spirito, which takes its name from their own neighborhood, covered by yellow and blue;

The award

The beautiful Golden Spear, fruit of the fine workmanship of the artist Francesco Conti, the greatest expression of Tuscan handmade. An auction in walnut, Maple or Linden; three and a half meters long and enriched with the finest precious stones depicting the life, cutters and gold leaves.