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Il Mondo di Buba is a window overlooking a different world made of dreams and designs that are intertwined to give life to unique craft creations.

Rediscovering the scribbles and drawings of his childhood, Massimo has shaped them and made them live again in his Creations.

Il Mondo di Buba is a black and white microcosm populated by bizarre creatures. Here you can meet Wattle snails and Silvan Specters wandering in teeming woods, playful ghosts that Playful ghosts that reside in both Human Hearts and Ruined Houses and floating fish that move like ectoplasms.

Buba embodies the boyish unconscious that does not accept limits to fantasy and exorcises fears.

After years of experience in Fashion Boutiques of famous brands, Massimo Canzoneri has created his own brand. He mixed Fashion Streetwear with his Creations, thus giving life to a collection in Black and White with a strong Artistic concept: the World of Buba. All hallmarks of an innovative and softly Noir style.

Each drawing is made in pencil and ink directly from the Designer and then printed on the head with silk-screen printing. What sets each sketch are the soft lines and imperfect, the light and shade and meticulous details that become the hallmarks of noir style, a bit monstrous and Cockeyed.

Massimo and his creatures are waiting for you, for a journey of discovery into Il Mondo di Buba.

Area territoriale

Empolese Valdelsa


Il Mondo di Buba

Cap + Shopping bag "Il Mondo di Buba"


€ 35,00
€ 31,50

Il Mondo di Buba

T-shirt “Il Salice“


€ 35,00

Il Mondo di Buba

T-shirt "Mr. Octopus"


€ 36,00

Il Mondo di Buba

Unisex t-shirt "I fantasmi del cuore"


€ 27,00

Il Mondo di Buba

Maxi sweatshirt unisex "Il pesce scorpione"


€ 89,00

Il Mondo di Buba

Unisex sweatshirt “I fantasmi del cuore“


€ 49,00
Il Mondo di Buba Via Garibaldi 17 50050 Limite sull'Arno +39 331 5441785