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How to prepare the Testaroli with Pesto

A typical dish from Lunigiana which enjoy

 Testaroli with Pesto are a first dish simple but really tasty.

The origins of the Testaroli are ancient and take their name from "text", or the cast or earthenware container in which they are cooked.


Even today, as in the past, this flavorful proposal of Lunigiana is prepared with the easy-to-find ingredients like flour, water, salt.


The following recipe and preparation of tasty Testaroli


You start realizing the Testaroli, for 4 people these are the ingredients and quantities required:

  • 400 g flour

  • lukewarm water


Take a bowl and pour the sifted flour andwarm water until the mixture is very soft. The mixture is left to rest for about 10 minutes.

Then heat the text or, failing that, a non-stick pan. Now pour the mixture over the entire non-stick surface to a thickness of about 4 mm. The dough should be cooked on both sides for a few minutes. The Testaroli must be left to cool and then cut to make several diamonds of 3 cm per side.


Ingredients for pesto

  • 40 g pine nuts

  • 30 gr of shelled walnuts

  • a handful of Basil

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

  • oil to taste

  • salt to taste.


The preparation of pesto is quick: you need to chop basil, garlic, walnuts and pine nuts in a marble mortar or wood or in the mixer. To the mixture, chopped salt, oil must be added evo and the Parmesan.


Ready to be tasted!


We proceed by making Cook the Testaroli in water before boiling for a few minutes. After draining the Testaroli are ready to meet with the pesto, flavorful condiment that appeals to both adults and children.

The palate will remain satisfied by the taste of this ancient dish Made in Tuscany, try it!


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