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The warmth of a family, tradition and hospitality are the essence of Casa Vacanze Le Fornaci, picturesque estate located in Laterina, in the heart of Arezzo.

Casa Vacanze Le Fornaci arose from the conversion of the area that has hosted for over 3 centuries a major production, the handmade cotto.

Around 1710, near the village Laterina, this production was carried out inside the ancient kiln Tobia. Here the bricks, tiles and other tiles were produced continuously.

At the end of the 800 with the death of engineer Busatti, at that time owner of the furnace, having no legitimate heir left all his property to his collaborators, the brothers Felice and Giuseppe Baglioni in prize at their attachment and respect for the work.

Now that it belongs to Baglioni family, the factory continued to produce by hand. Thanks to love and passion was able then to transmit and hand down the tradition of handmade brick.

The spirit of this tradition is also perceptible in the furniture, with restored furniture belonging to the furnace itself and in the homes of children and grandchildren of workers. Many artifacts of the ancient kiln have been restored and transformed as the colonnades, arches and floors composed of handmade bricks.

The furnace continued to produce until 2011 and then turn into holiday home furnaces. Inside the winery you can still observe the ancient presses for the production of tiles.

The names of the apartments of the estate are testimony of the recovery and the tradition of this place, since they are the nicknames most representative workers who worked at the furnace.

Area territoriale



A tradition embodied in the name: Laterina

Monte Leone warned was the name of Laterina, in the middle ages. It was later called Laterina derives from the Latin Later-Lateris meaning brick, as its territories there were numerous small brick kilns. One of these was the brickworks of Tobias, the current apartment.

A peaceful oasis rich in activities and courses

Surrounded by 4 hectares of greenery, the apartment offers many facilities. Among them: external equipment, barbecue grills, two pools, a playground, massage and beauty services, courses of brick, embroidery, cooking, painting and pruning. On request, also offers the opportunity to have a guide to cycling routes and fishing trails.