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Hidden Certaldo

Etruscan mysteries are hidden in the high village

The charming medieval village of Certaldo Alto besides being known as the hometown of the great poet Giovanni Boccaccio, seems to hide among its streets a mystery still unsolved.

Archaeological studies conducted around the years ' 60 looks like the town guests in its subsoil an ancient Etruscan necropolis; most likely the hill where now stands Certaldo Alto was maybe even a small Etruscan village.

The subsoil of the country appears to be crossed by a dense network of tunnels and Burrows that according to the stories of elders they would keep rich but inaccessible treasures. The entrances to the tunnels would be in multiple points of the village such as water wells, trap doors hidden in basements or even passages beneath the foundations of Palazzo Pretorio.

In September of 1965 was even made a reconnaissance of via del Castello, two pumps quarried 190,000 liters of water until the present themselves in front of the entrance of a tunnel formed by a solid brick arch. The discovery lasted a few minutes because the water returned to climb by preventing a prolonged stay in the gallery.

What contributes to fuel the legend is that these tunnels would lead to "Poggio del Boccaccio", a place rich with mystery. Naked eye in fact the Knoll has a strange pyramid shape that if artificial, according to the researchers, could be one of the first examples of Etruscan Pyramid.

No new study or excavation was conducted whereby upon the mysteries that lurk around the village of Certaldo Alto remain unresolved, thus feeding the legends about its dense network of tunnels that cross the country secretly.