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The Guardian Farmer and the genetic resources of Tuscany

A market exhibition for the protection of agrobiodiversity

The Mostra Mercato del Coltivatore Custode to be held from 14 to 16 September 2018 at Alberese, Granaio Lorenese, is not only an opportunity to know and appreciate the genetic resources of Tuscany through the tale of the peasants and their work but also an appointment to promote possible relaunch in the production system of many of these resources.

The region of Tuscany has undertaken in this regard for over twenty years in the agricultural and food biodiversity interest. The Tuscan territory in fact is very rich in breeds and varieties, were more than 751 the fruits, vegetables, cereals, forages and breeds animals ' native ' which were likely to disappear and who have been kept alive thanks to the system of protection of agrobiodiversity.

The system constantly nearly 200 farmers in maintaining purity of regional varieties, making reliance on "gene banks", ben 9 in Tuscany, to ensure its preservation.

Protect and enhance this important asset is the starting point for the protection of the identity of a territory, the work of farmers and the communities in which they live and work. This also means recognizing the fundamental function of Keepers growers Tuscan landscape creators and keepers of ancient knowledge and taste.


Here more info about the event.