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The Bosco Isabella, The garden of Radicofani

Magic place enveloped by an aura of mystery

Did you know that not far from the walls that surround Radicofani, an ancient village near Siena, lies the Bosco Isabella, mysterious place known as romantic garden-esoteric.

the reason for this? A triangular pyramid that rises inside wanted by Edward Lucchini, Freemason of the 19th century who dedicated the park with his wife.


Not only the pyramid: the charm of mystery surrounding Bosco Isabella

Inside the garden, there are a number of elements that are reminiscent of the first Jewish Temple of Jerusalem, a place of sacrifice: the Temple of Solomon.

The presence of a jar buried, as the two large boulders at the entrance of the driveway that leads to the pyramids that resemble the columns of the temple, are just a few examples.

Continuing the walk in the Park, there is in fact a circular fence which symbolizes the eye of Providence. Finally, even the layout of the trees has its own symbolism, as arranged in groups of three.


The mysterious

The Bosco Isabella is not only a mysterious place, but also a masterpiece of Italian gardening ingenuity because built respecting nature.

Every path, every wall and every small bridge spanning the canals, was built in harmony with the environment, exploiting the natural gradient and the special shape of the terrain.


An occasion for visiting Radicofani, immersing himself in the depths of a garden that is not only fascinating to what he says, but also beautiful to look at.



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