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Giancarlo Casini, a "experimentator" in search of the perfect wine

It's Tuscany meets Giancarlo Casini, farm owner customer care, manufacturer of a wine unique and extraordinary: the Panaccio, excellence Made in Tuscany.

Giancarlo has devoted his entire life to the wine, a passion that combines dual-flush with love for its Tuscan land and with the desire to rediscover the taste of tradition.
After graduating from agricultural expert, follows a course as a sommelier and begins to take its first steps into the world of wine production: first works in Villa Cilnia near Arezzo, then in 1995 's cellar master in agricultural society Avignonesi. These were years of hard work in the vineyards, in which Giancarlo acquires unique skills and knowledge in the field

"I did everything with such passion from getting lost in the vineyards, working for hours without rest"

All the accumulated experience leads him to rent a vineyard between 1996 and 1997 and at the same time to start the activity of consultant: will foreign production for Patrizio Bertelli, the Prada group, thus developing their expertise in the international market.
For twenty years is a permanent member of the Committee of Taste, in Montepulciano and Montalcino, the supervisory body for fitness and origin of DOC and DOCG wines.
Prestigious and unique experiences that in 2005 led him to start his own: his life is in the fields, only here can give body to his passion and create special products for taste and quality. Thus was born the Panaccio, IGT wine made from grape varieties, the fruit of a special processing because it is left to rest for two years in wooden barrels, which makes it unique in the world for organoleptic characteristics.

"This wine is evolving and the best I have yet to arrive. Are the severest critic of my wine, which is for me almost like a son"

And this love is evident with every sip, Panaccio is a wine which tells the story of a true passion for the screws and to this land, a wine pampered and raised as a son, which now represents production excellence Customer care farm.
In their vineyards, with the exception of the Sagrantino grape from Umbria, Giancarlo has the most prestigious grapes of Tuscany: the Fogliatonda, the Barsaglina, Canaiolo and Canaiolo to stalk red.

In little more than one hectare Giancarlo realizes a limited edition of 1000 bottles, a niche production totally handmade, that has its roots in research and in the use of the latest technology, combined with the craftsmanship for the product, the Earth, the taste.

"The former owner of this ground was a visionary, he had designed a structure to guide the grapevine at the Sun, turning the rows of plants several times a day. I left from here because of tradition and innovation are important for my product "

The aromas of the aretina land and secrets of a unique indigenous production are the ingredients that make the Panaccio a wine Ambassador of Tuscany, its taste is perfect to be combined with typical meat dishes Tuscany.


"My wine can be tasted only in restaurants Arezzo area that truly traditional cuisine"


Giancarlo Casini and its farm, the farm customer care, tell us a story Tuscany of excellence, who love their land and its products, a story completely Made in Tuscany.

Enjoy the Tuscan Style!