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Gazzarrini Tartufi is a company that manages the activity of research and commercialization of truffles in San Miniato, near Pisa.

The business was founded at the beginning of the ' 900 with Eugenio Gahara, founder of the family, which by virtue of its resourcefulness made known throughout Italy the precious tuber of San Miniato.

The truffle, or Tuber Magnatum Pico has always been present in the grounds of the San Miniato hills, growing in a sandy soil, silty clay, with an optimal climate and surrounded by thick vegetation. Today the company, knowing perfectly the local reality and with a staff of experienced researchers, manages to present itself on the market with a very high quality product.

The strong point of the enterprise is the painstaking process by which are processed fresh truffles that those derivatives. Gazzarrini secular experience Truffles products serves as a guide in meeting the most demanding and refined. The best truffles in Tuscany goes to enrich the taste of preparations such as creams, butter, oil, cheese and truffle sauces. These natural products are available throughout the year, while fresh truffles in white, black or whitebait, you can enjoy only during periods of collection.

Some of the products that Gain Truffles offers are:

  • Fresh truffles, white (Tuber Magnatum Pico), the black summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum) and Marzuolo (Tuber Albidum Pico)
  • Pure truffle creams;
  • Cheese with truffles;
  • Truffle sauces and dressings;
  • Truffle Honey;
  • Truffle salt;
  • Truffle oil.

Quality, passion and taste are at home in the company Gain Truffles with headquarters in via Balconevisi # 19 in San Miniato.

Area territoriale

Litorale Pisano


Gazzarrini Tartufi

Truffle basket "Small"


€ 28,00

Gazzarrini Tartufi

Truffle basket "Medium"


€ 40,00

Gazzarrini Tartufi

Truffle basket "Large"


€ 54,00

Gazzarrini Tartufi

White Truffle-flavored oil "Tartufolio"


€ 8,00

Gazzarrini Tartufi

Summer Black Truffle Cream


€ 12,50

Gazzarrini Tartufi

White Truffle Cream


€ 22,00

Gazzarrini Tartufi

Honey and Truffle "Dolcepeccato"


€ 8,60

Gazzarrini Tartufi

Butter with Truffle


€ 7,30
Gazzarrini Tartufi Snc Via Balconevisi n. 19 56024 La Serra +39 0571 460047