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Garfagnana land of mysteries and folklore

Also Tuscany has its Area 51, an area rich in unusual sightings

A land of folklore and legends, the Garfagnana has thus earned the title of "Area 51" of Tuscany.

To pounce to the honor of the Chronicles, not only local but also national, was theepisode happened at a Hunter in the years ' 80. The man, who was standing on Mount Palodina for a hunting trip, on that occasion, he found himself in front of a strange being, more than two meters high and with reptilian head. Terrified the Hunter ran away and refused to tell the grim encounter.

The news however did the tour of Italy and was even picked up by the Rai; Since then, the Palodina, which makes 1171 meters high from the watershed between the valleys of the Turrite Cava and the Turrite Gallicano, natural terrace on the Valley of the Serchio, became a real x-files.

Obviously followed research on strange creature which, however, did not produce any results, the area in any case since the ' 70 was the subject of strange sightings, for about an hour an Orange pyramid was seen at the top of the mountain.

More recently, however, there are sightings of strange black helicopters that lit up the forest, came out of nowhere in the middle of the night. Came then in 2002 the sighting of a little less than a metre tall small beings seen by campers in the vegetation.

Impressive as it may be the presence of gnomes in the area, in fact, was witnessed by more people over time. If it's simple suggestion or imaginative minds is not easy to determine, what is certain is that the Garfagnana is a land waiting to be explored and the stories that flit around help to make it even more magical and fascinating.