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Phalaenopsis (Orchidea) fuchsia and white

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Phalaenopsis (Orchidea) fuchsia and white


Jar Regala Salute not included (to see pots Regala Salute click here)

Features: Native to Northern Australia India-Nova Guinea, Evergreen plant belonging to the family of orchids, which owes its fame to the splendid and abundant flowering. The leaves are large, oval, and deep green fleshy flowers of varying length are very showy and long-lasting. The colors of the flowers varies depending on the species the most valuable are those of pure white color but they come in different colors.

MEANING: Elegance, passion, love

FACILITY of CULTIVATION: 3 stars out of 10

GROWING NOTES: The ideal soil for these plants is a mixture of bark. The common rule a bit to all orchids is that should never be exposed to direct sunlight. The optimum temperature is 16-18° to 21-27° at night while during the day. It is necessary to fed regularly once a month in the bloom with specific liquid fertilizers. The bloom is variable, but usually it is winter. You make at least 3 years plant repotting. Irrigation is more frequent in the flowering period (weekly).

Disease resistance: 7 out of 10

Diseases: The stagnation can cause fungal diseases

GIFT ACCESSORIES: Recycled paper brochure with pictures and info + offers health card to customize with wishes and Dedications. (To find out how thesend your message please see gift a plant on the Site Regala Salute)

Shipping costs included

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