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Fontana Estate

Characteristic farm of the Tuscan territory

Italy is home to many world producers of extra virgin olive oil, and Tuscany excels for the extraordinary qualities of this product. But what makes Tuscan olive oil so incomparable?

There are many reasons why it is considered unique: we asked Tenuta Fontana, which has been active in this sector for many years and has recently been present on our marketplace.


Why did you choose It's Tuscany?

"Fontana" is a company that, in a dramatic moment like the one we have experienced in this two-year period due to Covid, has had to face the canonical entrepreneurial challenges, including access to the market. During a phase of search for the best partner with which to start this journey, we came across It's Tuscany, which immediately struck us.

We chose It's Tuscany mainly for three reasons: professionalism and direct relationship with the operators, who are very willing to intervene for any need; infinite possibilities to expand your range of action, thanks to a personal marketplace; respect and enhancement of Made in Tuscany.



What is excellence for you?

Excellence for us is the result of a process in which every single step of our production is taken care of and perfected more and more. First of all, during the year, our plants are pruned and ventilated one by one, with new technologies but respecting the peasant tradition, to ensure a maximum yield of our oil. During the harvest, however, the olives are brought every day to the mill, to ensure maximum freshness of the product, which is then bottled and stored under nitrogen, preventing oxidation and promoting long-term preservation.

For us, however, the philosophy of excellence is not limited only to the production area, but also extends to customer relations and after-sales: our mission is to transform every drop of our oil into a fantastic experience to live and share.


Oil is part of the history of Tuscany, what history does your product have?


Our oil has a very particular history.

The land where our olive grove stands was, in ancient times, a limestone quarry used in medieval times for the construction of buildings and sculptures. Then around 1700 it was abandoned and olive trees were planted there and, once annexed to the farm of Montestigliano, it represented one of the largest olive groves in the area.

Coming to the present day, around 1985, due to a strong winter frost, many olive trees died, after this fatal event the plants were re-born from their centuries-old roots, but the care of the peasants began to fail. In 1997 the Fontana family took over this land and began to restore value to the olive grove, even if at the time only in a hobbyist way, producing the oil exclusively for their own consumption.

Everything remains unchanged until March 8, 2020, when the first Lockdown is promulgated in Italy: the members of the Family decide, with great entrepreneurial lucidity, to start a company and share with the world that golden green nectar. From there begins both a meticulous work of revaluation and care of the land to bring it back to its former glory, and on the other a careful analysis of the market and the needs of today's consumer so as to be able to provide the best possible service to our users.

Everything has a cycle and in our olive grove, after its "dark century", the Renaissance began: for this reason we chose to depict Persephone, Greek goddess of Rebirth, in our logo.


What will be the next challenges of the Fontana company?


The next challenges of the Fontana company will be many and varied: first of all to further refine the production process, to make our product the No. 1 in the world. Parallel to this, also thanks to the help of a platform like It's Tuscany, it is our utmost interest to increase the visibility of our product, in order to share our Aurum oil with as many people as possible, and bring the authentic flavor of Tuscany to tables all over the world.

In addition to this, the Fontana Family has great projects, concerning both the development of new lines of oil more particular and refined, and add new products offered by the territory. Finally, soon there will be the opportunity to stay in a barn located in the heart of the olive grove completely renovated, to allow our customers to breathe the real Tuscany and experience new experiences.