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News about It's Tuscany

Florence Lab at the helm of IT'S TUSCANY

A team of Tuscan entrepreneurs buys and relaunches the brand and the portal that tell the world about the "toscanity"

A new team of Tuscan entrepreneurs is playing on the IT'S TUSCANY project, animated by the passion for a wonderful territory and convinced that the Tuscany brand still has a lot to tell, both in Italy and abroad: we are talking about Florence Lab, an initiative born from the friendship of 5 entrepreneurs, professionals and fans of digital marketing, tourism and local crafts.
Florence Lab Srl bought, on January 15, 2020, the entire asset linked to the portal, with the aim of taking a leap forward, both in terms of technology and in terms of communication of the network of companies participating in the MARKETPLACE IT'S TUSCANY.

The management and the company's staff will use the first period to study the actions necessary to make improvements throughout the project, in particular on the user and purchasing experience with regard to the end user, and on communication, the marketing and managing the relationship with local entrepreneurs.
Florence Lab has many challenges and opportunities ahead of it: on the one hand a brand now known and well rooted in the whole region,on the other an increasingly competitive market where fragmentary investments of the SME struggle to find correct allocation.

The vision of the Florence Lab team is clear:
"We want to introduce new products and attract new selected companies to offer Tuscany as a whole, through characteristic products and exclusive services, bringing together places and businesses, experiences and people, history and the future, to do justice tothe beauty of our region" .

The ultimate goal, from the statements of Florence Lab members, seems even more engaging:
"We like to think that every person who comes to visit our territory and our artisan companies has the opportunity to take home a piece of Tuscany through our Marketplace."

"We want to create an exhibition of Tuscan craftsmanship and excellence always open,with many passionate visitors and where it is easy to buy unique products and live wonderful experiences!"