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A morning in Florence

the first part of a guide that helps you see the city in a day

Everyone wants to visit Firenze, but nobody thinks he has the time to see it all in one day. Today we propose in two articles the solution for everyone, tourists and Florentines.


A fascinating challenge that going shipped and choosing the right path allows us to visit all the historical center. Let's start with the tour of mattin, before ending the day with a visit at sunset in the splendid setting of PiazzaleMichelangelo.


Get in Piazza Duomo and attractions

A good starting point might be the central station, crucial Firenze city where buses arrive from all parts of the city and any train.

To get to Piazza Duomo is simple, thanks to a short route of just 1 km which allows you to see Piazza Santa Maria Novella and its Basilica embellished by polychrome marble Leon Battista Alberti.

Inputs for via del Trebbio you get in front of the storicoà PalazzoAntinori and continuing along via de ' Cerretani is already time for a mandatory stop for getting lost in the Majesty of the Duomo di Firenze, a masterpiece of Brunelleschi from which you the Cattedrale in front of Battistero di SanGiovanni.


Piazza della Repubblica, in the heart of Firenze

Surrounded by Renaissance charm and mastery of their works, Firenze is a jewel to be discovered not only through the main points of interest, but also experiencing the narrow streets where in the middle ages were the details "case Tower".


From Duomo, you may want to get into PiazzadellaRepubblica via Rome or the historic via dei Calzaiuoli, covering worldwide and many brands including 250mt shopping.


Upon reaching piazza, between large luxury hotels, bars and terraces where you can stop historians for coffee we continue towards the famous fountain of Porcellino. Really nice bronze statue of a boar which according to legend brings luck to whoever touches the muzzle.


In a matter of minutes, passing through via acchereccia, breathing in the city's history, it manifests itself in the eyes of Piazza della Signoria where stands the David of Michelangelo, copy of the statue kept inside the # Galleriadell'Accademia.

Here is the old palace, a historic venue where city halls where they worked on Bronzino, the Ghirlandaio, master #Vasari, and displaying works of Donatello, Verrocchio and Michelangelo Buonarroti.

The hotel overlooks North on Loggia dei Lanzi, filled with works by Bernini, next to the Galleria degliUffizi the who traveled to the stretch of Lungarno near Ponte Vecchio.


A morning walking around Firenze, transported by emotion that only the cradle of Rinascimento can offer. A simple tour that continues after proper lunch break, of course, typical Tuscan products!


Visit the second part of the article to find out how to conclude your visit to Firenze in one day!