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Fall in love in Tuscany

The new Tuscan oil, the colors of autumn and the less beaten paths

In November the days are now short, the air is increasingly sparkling, the foods more caloric and the colors brighter. Autumn is the ideal season to look around and also discover virtually new things and places. The trees and countryside are tinged with yellow and red, and the leaves fall, the green is brighter.

The beautiful colors tell us that nature is in its most dazzling guise. The mountain areas are particularly beautiful at this time of year and many Tuscans go hiking with their families; on the other hand, we are fortunate that practically all urban areas in Tuscany are very close to nature: autumn is the ideal time for cultural experiences, whether they are art exhibitions or perhaps for the squeezing of oil, a real must of our Tuscan culture.

The arrival of the new Tuscan oil is a highlight of the season, for us it is a real green gold: as you will soon discover, every farm, farmhouse, has its own olive trees and even many families produce their own oil for themselves.


Olive harvesting

When autumn comes, the olives are harvested in a restricted period of a few weeks. They are taken to the mill where they will be squeezed: once the olives are unloaded, they go through the harvesting, washing and pressing process; the extracted extra virgin olive oil pours from a tap into large stainless steel jugs. It is a process that has been relatively little modernized in the last 2,000 years; of course stainless steel replaced the stone presses and electricity accelerated the process, but in the end, the olives are pressed by the same process.


New oil in Tuscan cuisine


Nothing compares to novo oil and every trattoria and tavern prides its own, combining it with the various dishes of the season. Without him there could be no Fettunta,a slice of toasted Tuscan bread where you rub a little garlic and cover with oil and a handful of salt. But it is able to make its way into many recipes: it is almost moving over a delicious black cabbage soup or as the basis of a pinzimonium.

To maintain the perfect integrity of the taste of the olives,the latter are crushed in a cold continuous cycle (the famous cold squeezing): Tuscan oil is really rich in aromatic characteristics that contribute to its uniqueness. Its sensory attributes are unique: from fruity, bitter to spicy.



The spicy sensation (a small tingling actually) is a positive feature when it comes to new, youngand fresh Tuscan oil.

The land in Tuscany greatly influences its flavor: the characteristics of the soil and many other factors such as the climate and the geographical area,leave an unequivocal mark, just think that the Guide of Gambero Rosso dedicated to the best oils of 2020, released last June, puts Tuscan oils at the top.

It is evident that the same types of olives, in different contexts, can give a different structure to the olive oil they produce.


There's room to breathe

The slow pace of November and its temperatures make it the perfect time to explore the slightly out-of-the-way churches, eat around also preparing picnic baskets, stroll through the medieval alleys of the hills, and admire the iconic Tuscan landscapes "dressed" in warm autumn nuances.

During the day you will need to be well covered, but the warm and sunny days, even in this period, are not lacking usually (maybe take an early look at the weather).


Some examples?

The rolling hills of Chianti are rich in vibrant colors, the wonderful medieval streets and squares of Siena or Arezzo, the timeless beauty of Pisa or Florence, or Livorno with its sea from almost winter: November is a wonderful month to cycle around the walls of the old city of Lucca or discover the medieval corners and crevices of Pienza.


Fewer tourists also mean lower prices and a superior travel experience, ultimately even more authentic perhaps.


On the roads of new oil in Tuscany


Evoking images of postcard-perfect valleys and hills lined with cypress trees, etherea light, and art, Tuscany, as mentioned above, offers culinary experiences,but also at the level of unforgettable oil tourism.

Here are some Tuscan oil roads.


Oil Road of the Pisani Mountains

The Pisani Mountains divide Pisa from Lucca: here are included the cities Of Capannori, Vicopisano, Buti and Calci, small pearls to visit and where to find an excellent oil.


Lucca Montecarlo and Versilia Wine and Oil Route

It starts from the hills of Lucca, passing through Monte Carlo and arriving in Versilia, on a beautiful sunny day you can taste the New Tuscan oil by the sea.


Strada dell'Olio e del Vino Montalbano Leonardo's Hills

Departure from the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, passing through the native land of Leonardo (Vinci) and arriving in Lamporecchio: many typical products to discover, not least the oil of the area.


... Practically a watercolor



Nature lovers visiting the Tuscan countryside in November can really enjoy a wonderful scenery. The vineyards turn into a blaze of rust and gold, and the winding cypress-lined streets of the Val d'Orcia invite you to scenic autumn walks and, for those who can, relaxing bike rides.


Everywhere you look, colors of a palette ranging from brown to yellow blend into each other, creating the basis for fantastic memories and, why not, for photo opportunities. Cypresses, olive groves and villages in the distance complete the picture, with the fog that also adds a certain bucolic charm of the scene.



One of the most beautiful places for this kind of suggestions? Surely the Casentinesi Forests National Park is an incredible location for foliage: this is the time when the maples, oaks and beech trees of the area light up with countless autumn nuances.

So to sum up: outdoor lunches, fewer people on the most beaten routes, a series of situations that entice you to celebrate the generosity of our region make November an excellent time to discover Tuscany.

The season of new Tuscan oil is in full swing, the air is imbued with the sweet scent of roasted chestnuts and the climate, although a little unpredictable, offers serene spaces to take advantage of.


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image sources: pixabay, il bottaccio, hungryfood traveller, prettylittle details, steemitcom