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Since 1899 Fedeli Restauri deals with conservation, restoration, enhancement of cultural heritage and consulting and technical planning activities for the restoration of movable and architectural assets. It is a family business that handed down ancient knowledge from father to son: that of the trade of the restorer.
The Atelier, born with great-grandfather Fedele Fedeli and then going to grandfather Luigi Fedeli, is now directed by the third and fourth generation, represented by Andrea Fedeli (restorer of cultural heritage, master craftsman, painter, sculptor, designer) and his son Tommaso (with the double status of restorer of cultural heritage and architect specialized in restoration of monuments).
Inside the Fedeli laboratory it will be easy to get lost and get excited thanks to the many works of art waiting to be restored. Fedeli Restauri has brought back to the ancient splendor masterpieces of artists of all time as: Giovanni Pisano, Pisanello, Donatello, Giuliano da Maiano, Michelangelo, Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, Giambologna, Ammannati, Buontalenti, Canova and Picasso.
It is impossible to mention all the interventions carried out by the expert hands of Andrea and Tommaso Fedeli; among those to remember: the frescoes of Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo del Melograno in Genoa; the frescoed dome, the coffered ceiling, the Pulpits of Donatello of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence; the Vasari Ciborium in Santa Croce; the wooden choir by Giuliano da Maiano and Domenico del Tasso of the Cathedral of Perugia; the wooden models of the facade of Santa Maria del Fiore and the marble sculptures depicting Profeti di Andrea Pisano of the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Florence; the Magdalene in marble of Canova; the Amorino degli Uffizi, the Fontana del Carciofo by B. Ammannati, G. Parigi and G.F. Susini at Palazzo Pitti; the Fountain of Ganymede in Boboli; the cornices of the façade of Santa Maria Novella, the cast of the Pulpit of Donatello of the Duomo of Prato and of the Bacchino of the Boboli Gardens; the bronze lantern of Michelangelo of the New Sacristy; the paintings depicting the Holy Family of Tintoretto, the Portrait of Pisanello, the Assumption with Saints of Ghirlandaio; the wooden Crucifix by Baccio da Montelupo, the wooden Crucifix by Giambologna, the San Giovanni Battista by Michelozzo.
The skills of the company range in every sector of restoration and conservation, dealing with frescoes, paintings on wood and canvas, wooden materials, stone materials, works in ceramics, terracotta, bronze and by making casts in different materials.
In June 2010 Fedeli Restauri took part in the 2010 EXPO in Shanghai as the excellence of restoration in Italy and exhibited its work at the House of Excellence at the Milan Expo 2015; he participated in the cultural exchanges organized by CNA and Artex and won the medal and the "productive Florence" award.
Scientific activity is rich and important, with the publication of multiple contributions on the theory and practice of restoration.
Prestigious universities such as the Paris Sorbonne, the University of Seville, the California University, the Art International University of Florence, choose the Fedeli laboratory to carry out internships for their most deserving students.

Area territoriale

Firenze e Area Fiorentina


Made in Italy of excellence

More than a century of restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage, witnessed by four generations of craft techniques and restoration experts and accolades over the years.

Faithful line Design and production

Parallel to restoration, Faithful Restoration designs and manufactures furnishing contemporary partnering with some of the leading architects and designers of our time: Franca Helg, Franco Albini, Giovanni Shoulder (with whom she worked in occasion of the restoration and refurbishment of the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa), Alessandro Mendini and Ettore Sottsass.

The extraordinary creative partnership between Faithful and Sottsass was founded in 1999 by a historical collection of inlaid furniture, designed by the inexhaustible creativity of designers and made entirely by hand by the faithful.

FEDELI RESTAURI Via Livorno n.8/16 50142 Firenze +39 055 7321660