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Export USA: sell online and ship to America

Many opportunities for Tuscan products, without duties.

The export of Italian excellence in the United States is a key market for economic growth. With the growth of online commerce, the American market is within the reach of all those e-commerce that shall have a structure able to do international shipping. As far as the relationship between exports and electronic commerce there is a good news: by March 2016 sell online and ship in the United States has become even easier.

Sell without customs duties in the USA

With the entry into force of Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act, for shipments of value less than $800, there is no additional tax. Customs reference standard is called De Minimis Fair Retail Value and is in all respects a shot in the arm for the American e-commerce selling to end users via their platforms or through the marketpalce.

The standard dogale has a double advantage: in addition to zero taxes for shipments of less than $800, activates a simplified procedure for the importation of goods, resulting in time savings and bureaucracy. Shipments covered by the simplified standard Export USES must be addressed to a private in the United States and must be made in a single day. To calculate the limit of $800 and then refer to the total value of products and orders shipped in a single day to a single customer.

Wine export to the U.S.

Deserves a special Italian export of wine products in the United States, which just for the Tuscan wine is worth more than 7.5 million euros annually.
The wines, as alcoholic beverages, follow a particular import legislation and are subject to additional customs duties calculated on the basis of the type of product, color, container capacity and the alcohol content.

Detailed amounts are collected in theHarmonized Tariff Schedule and vary from a few cents to a few dollars per liter. In addition to customs duties on imports of wine in the United States are reflected in Federal excise taxes (calculated based on the amount of product) and taxes by individual States of the Union, which vary substantially from State to State.

Regarding shipping, in addition to the proforma invoice, must be drawn up even a customs declaration containing a detailed account on the contents of the package.

Duty-free treatment uses: a unique opportunity for Made in Tuscany

Concretely the norm "zero duty" translates into the ability to sell online in the United States at low cost, with drop shipment from Italy. Streamlining customs processes leads to a shortening of delivery of the product, resulting in a general improvement of the service. This is a great opportunity for players of the online market interested inexport USA.

Chance that It's Tuscany does not want you to Miss! Register your company and start selling in the United States.