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Etruscans: ancient contemporary people (and TUSCAN)

The early history of a territory as leverage for the tourist and commercial engagement

Today, Toscana Promozione Turistica has presented, in the frame of Villa Fabbricotti in Florence, headquarters of the Agency, the project "Etruscans: ancient contemporary people".

Tuscany bet again, but in a new and clever way, on his historical and archaeological heritage, using the "brand" of an ancient people, the Etruscans, which dedicated museum rooms worldwide, and which can become a " brand ambassador "of the history of Tuscany in the world.

The project aims to introduce this fascinating people at a target from 20 to 40 years (mainly that age group called the "Millennials"), since for various reasons (mostly reduced curriculum and/or not accomplices engaging) just know this people which, for customs and traditions, it is even "contemporary".

Re-telling then the Etruscans in one-channel capable of storytelling intrigue and entice you to visit those places (basically most of Tuscany) that retain traces of their passage.

The project is a large frame in which are grafted several marketing tools: they range from the provision of all operators of trademark "Tuscany Etruscan land", themed trails on, through stimulating tools of engagement, as audio-books, colouring book for children and even a video game theme. Not to mention the many publications and collaborations with magazines specializing in different fields, all of which can provide their narration of the Etruscans functional objectives of promotion of Tuscany as a tourist destination.

But the levers of the project "Etruscans: ancient contemporary people" do not stop the potential of engagement of new tourists and flow into the enhancement of productive excellence in Tuscany: Artex, the Centre for artistic and traditional handicrafts in Tuscany, has in fact identified many companies whose production is inspired by the Etruscan art.
Industries are different, ranging from ceramics to jewellery making, passing for Designer items. Often these are small companies, craftsmen-artists that could establish fruitful collaboration with museums and operators, taking advantage of "the trend" that Toscana Promozione is launching with this project.

Also IT'S TUSCANY, which recently launched a number of initiatives in support of local arts and crafts, and in particular the "craftsmen", followed by the guidelines of the project of Toscana Promozione, to systematize all the resources that this magnificent region has to offer.