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Discovering Isola Santa in Garfagnana

An enchanted and wild place between the Apuan Alps

Isola Santa is a small Apennine village of great charm. Here you can enter the time that was and get lost among the many sensations that evokes a place from the past so interesting.

Holy Island is part of the municipality of Careggine and is built inside the Apuan Alps, 550 metres above sea level. It is believed that the village was founded as Hospice in the middle ages, at a strategic point on the street connecting the Versilia in the Garfagnana. Over the centuries the village was abandoned because of the large hydroelectric project, built in 1948-49, which forced the inhabitants to leave their homes.


The upgrading of the ghost town

The dam, which overlooks the village and built to dam the river Turrite Secca, partly submerged the ancient settlement and this has contributed to increasing the fame of Isola Santa like ghost towns. At the bottom of the Lake there is a real hidden gem: the old mill Mosceta, a bridge with an arch, dating back to 1200, and remains of houses.

Since 2000 the City Council has given a series of restorations and Holy Island today is a widespread Hotel for fishermen and tourists offering rooms, apartments and a restaurant that serves tasty recipes traditional area.

In addition, it has been designed and built a "path" that has a value resort, for those who want to stroll along the Lake, both as a point of attraction for fishermen who are Holy Island a perfect ecosystem for native trout fishing.

Every ten years is complete emptying of the pelvis and resurface the buildings submerged but still in good condition. This is a unique moment and eagerly awaited by many in particular by photo enthusiasts who will find an ideal scenario to create great-looking photos.

Island Santa and his magic, are not to be missed for those who love the decadent charm places both for those who want to take a break from the daily grind immersing himself in a rustic setting where nature reigns.