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Destination Wedding: wedding Tuscany is the most coveted destination of tourism Italian

"I Do" of foreign couples is worth more than 141 million euros a year

In 2017 the wedding tourism remains for Toscana a real Golden deal, enough to confirm the Grand Duchy first destination in Italy for foreign spouses who decide to celebrate their fateful "Yes" in Italy. This is what emerges from the report "Destination Wedding in Italy" of tourism studies centre of Florence presented a few days ago during a press conference organized by Toscana Promozione Turistica e Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau.

According to data disclosed by the report, nearly 32% of foreign couples who decide to become husband and wife in Italy, choose Tuscany as the location of the wedding. Our region stands on the podium of the Italian wedding tourism and detaches the other regions: the second step of the podium goes to Lombardy with 16% of the vote on the part of couples and third place at Campania, with just under 15%.

Budgets are important to a growing phenomenon

Looking at the data we can understand how the phenomenon of destination wedding is a very lucrative market for Tuscany, where they meet the demand for exclusive locations by foreign couples and demand by entrepreneurs from Tuscany. Foreign tourism tied to weddings for the year 2016 it created in Italy a turnover of 440 million euros, turnover in Tuscany stands about 141 million euros annually. Couples who have decided to Crown their dream of love with a wedding in Tuscany are 2,567, with an average of nearly 55,000 euros spent for every wedding.
Important numbers for a business expected to grow over the years: l and predictions for 2018 is talking about a further increase in turnover of 5%.

Some interesting data on wedding tourism in Tuscany to seize new opportunities

But what nationality are couples who choose the Tuscan wedding destination? The top u.s. pairs remain British, Australian and German, but there was a sharp increase in tourism from China, India and Russia wedding.

And as for the period of marriage? You know the best time to say ' yes ' from May to September, but there was an increased demand even in the off season. A very positive signal that underscores how the market is expanding rapidly into new income levels more price-sensitive.

Then there are new development opportunities for Tuscan entrepreneurs who work in the tourism sector.

The wedding tourism generates an important induced for the region in terms of accommodation, transportation, travel, accommodation and all kind of tourist activity linked how to organize leisure activities such as guided tours or tastings.

Why Tuscany is the first Destination Wedding in Italy?

Tuscany offers the tourist a wide and varied offer thanks to its landscapes that range from the charming hills of the mountain until you reach the sea and for its artistic, historical and gastronomic excellence.

Tuscany is the ideal destination to celebrate special wedding, given the large number of activities that can be associated to the organisation of the ceremony:

  • Guided visits to the art cities
  • Experience and nature
  • Food and wine tasting

Those who choose to get married in Tuscany decides to treat yourself and give to their guests a fabulous stay, where you can experience all the best of Italian vacation, in the Tuscan Style.

It's Tuscany and Destination Wedding

The phenomenon of wedding tourism offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of a new and ever-expanding flow of tourists . Our portal tells the extraordinary correlation between the business fabric and the attractiveness of the region of Tuscany, offering the possibility of tourism entrepreneurs offer emotional experiences to live the region in its traditions and typicalityIt's Tuscany invests in tourism phenomenon from marriage by promoting best wedding destination Tuscany in Europe and worldwide, in order to increase the phenomenon and raise awareness of the best locations in Tuscany to a growing number of bride and groom.

Looking for advice on the perfect location for your dream wedding in Tuscany?

Email us at or call us toll free at 800,999,242, we will bring together "supply and demand" by contacting the best wedding venue and best services organize wedding ceremony and reception.