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DESCO, the event dedicated to Italian Tasting where flavor meets knowledge

All the best Italian food in the heart of Lucca

In Lucca there is an event capable of awakening the appetite of not only a city, but a whole region: Desco Sapori e Saperi in Mostra the appointment , which has 14 editions combines good food traditional to the culture of an area.

Meeting among the scents of Earth and the experience of local producers is celebrated between November and December in the beautiful surroundings of the Royal College of Lucca.

Wanted to give space to typicality, the generosity of the fruits of the land and the taste of a rich recipe book Made in Italy, il Desco proposes howcooking, sensory workshops and numerous gastronomic areas of many regions of Italy.


An edition dedicated to excellences

Desco has always imposed itself as an event that was the main vector of promotion and of Lucca, but from this year, with the Edition is renewed by giving all participants to know the best of Italian cuisine.

For this reason, choose the Desco mean plunging into a journey of scents and history, with the possibility to choose among the countless trails to food and raw materials, to the discovery of the dishes prepared with traditional recipes.


Besides the flavor.

Il Desco is the perfect synthesis between the pleasure of food and charm of everything that surrounds it, from the selection of ingredients, preparation of a dish.

It's flavors, with typical products of Lucca as the Penitent Ham with chestnuts, the traditional bread of Altopascio or DOC Colline Lucchesi and Montecarlo. It is tradition, with all of the recipes prepared with vegetables at km 0, meat dishes or desserts.


A special event dedicated to the Italian Tastingin the historic Royal College of Lucca. The ideal place to host an event that over the years has experienced an evolution and that has always distinguished for being the symbol of Lucca, one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany.