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Castagneto Carducci


Castagneto Carducci, Giosuè Carducci's House Museum

The discovery of the House that was home to the great poet

"I cipressi che a Bólgheri alti e schietti
Van da San Guido in duplice filar,
Quasi in corsa giganti giovinetti 
Mi balzarono incontro e mi guardar."

So begins the poem by Carducci "Davanti a ?San Guido", in which the poet, returning by train from Bologna recounts and relives the places of his childhood and homes of Bolgheri and Castagneto.


From Castagneto Marittimo to Castagneto Carducci

Not everyone knows that the name of the municipality of Castagneto Carducci (before Castagneto Marittimo) is a tribute to a great poet and writer, as they don't know that the father of Joshua, Michael was active in this place and catch doctor opponent of feudal rights. Therefore, this Union of Castagneto Carducci with sanctioned with the poet's death in 1907 marks the route taken by his family to the conquest of freedom.


Giosuè and the House in Castagneto

Giosuè's father was forced to emigrate in Bolgheri in 1838, on the estate "Maremma" where his Republican faith and his rebel soul gained him a lot of trouble. He was forced to leave Bolgheri after almost ten years and take refuge in Castagneto for eleven months.

La casa di Castagneto where lived Carducci teenager was repeatedly in his life, a place of retreat and visit. Belonged to Odoardo Espinassi Moratti, the son of the Gherardesca and was considered the idea, on the death of the poet, to transfer it to the municipality without any success. Almost a century later, in 1992 citizen of his beloved Castagneto Carducci is back.


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