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Casa Museo Giorgio Vasari

Discovering the secrets of a symbol of Florentine art

After discovering the curiosities related to the famous Piazza Vasari, today we speak of the House of one of the most famous figures of Tuscany, valued for their inspiration and creativity worldwide: Giorgio Vasari


A genius, a symbol of art in Tuscany

Italian painter, architect and art historian Giorgio Vasari decided to buy back in 1511 the building of via XX Settembre, which today houses the Museum that takes its name from the one who lived.

Vasari did not keep long residence in the historic home of Arezzo, because he moved first to Rome and then in Florence after marrying the fourteen Niccolosa Bacci, despite wanting to leave a tangible mark of his art through a precious decoration of the House decorated with a collection of paintings, sculptures and other works go today unfortunately you are untraceable.


Vasari's House Museum

From 1911, the then home of George became property of the State that in order to make the right tribute to a historical character of Italian culture, decided to transform it into a Museum and Archive Vasari corridor.

In addition to the works that he undertook to deliver and collect, the Museum houses in that archive, written and matches the artist kept with prominent personalities of his generation. Among them: Michelangelo, Cosimo I de Medici and Pope Pius V.

Yet the subject of a dispute between the State and the owners that many years before they bought the building, the complex can be visited in its three floors to open doors on the artist's most intimate environments aretino.

From the House of Abraham with the Salone del Camino, both highly decorated by the painter and his pupils, to the apartment with the Fame and the arts until the House of Muses.

A tour to discover the secrets of Vasari which will end with a visit of the courtyard that he personally took care of relax in.