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The charm of Bicycle Gravel of Agar Bike

From the chassis accessories, all Made in Tuscany

Today we want to dedicate a space to a manufacturer of a bike only, an example of how handicraft and Made in Tuscany declines to keep alive an ancient passion proposing to market high quality.

We're talking about Agar Bike, Lawn company leader in the production of bicycles Gravel perfect for organizing trips and travel in complete autonomy.

The Gravel are the ideal tool for deciding to spend a day among the Tuscan hills with the convenient possibility of transporting baggage, safely. A bicycle designed to be racing, thanks to a particular handlebars and the size of the wheels which allow greater security mainly off road.

A bike Tuscany

The use of Gravel comes from the United States, but its practicality meant that became an object by worldwide. If this is true, does not apply for bicycle Bike Agar, presenting something special, unique.

A manufacture are Made in Tuscany which preserves the charm of the ancient techniques, from the frame to the accessories that make it up.  The travel bag is made in Tuscany through the use of materials very resistant to abrasion and water, and with the addition of an outer fabric that reflects light when illuminated by the headlights of a car.

Custom bicycles based on usage and customer requirements

Bicycle Craftsmen that clips tailored solutions for anyone. Who already has a bag, or for those who prefer to do without it, Agar Bike provides for the possibility of creating customizations like frames with specific attacks, perhaps for water bottles, or choose the type of drive unit and brake to assemble.

From these values, and passion for a sport and a profession that continues to have an undisputed charm, unique projects. The craftsmanship of Agar also extends to the creation of Bike steel frames to fit the style of travel or travel by those who use it. The latest model, the Gravel Saba II, was equipped with rear thru axle, so that the wheels ensure greater reliability and rigidity.

Even the back area is drawn by designer thanks to a developed technology and the most modern 3D printing, to obtain a product that is not only reliable, is also nice but especially unique and Tuscan style.

A job that watches closely to its territory, not giving up the liaison with the client, always willing to design a bicycle according to the type of use.

The proven model quality Gravel Bike Agar comes from positivissimi which has always received feedback from everyone who has chosen to rely on their experience. A daily relationship with the clientele that allows to collect suggestions for the sole purpose of improving each individual processing.