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Why cinta senese DOP is so famous?

Here is revealed the reasons for the uniqueness of this curious animal stripes

The cinta senese, as its name indicates, is an ancient breed of pig from Siena then spread throughout Tuscany. His flesh was recognized with a protected designation of origin (DOP) by the European Commission in 2012.

This rustic pork differs from its relatives pigs and boars, stands out for its particular and sympathetic white belt on black coat.


Why has this name?

Contrary to many beliefs that can trace the origin of the name in the city walls of Siena or at an intersection with a boar, the town takes its name from the white strip that covers the front of the animal, a real belt.


An animal tied to man for centuries

The cinta senese appears in many paintings, especially the 1338 fresco by Ambrogio Lorenzetti depicting "good and bad government" in which we see a farmer walking with a cinta senese.

In the years '50 with the introduction of other pig breeds, risked the extinction. In 1980 when it was decided to put it back, there were only 150 copies. Animal control was born after the consortium of cinta senese.


A rich and tasty meat

The cinta senese compared to other meat has a stronger flavour, perhaps due to the presence of a garrison. It is a quality product that is bred and fed in a totally natural.