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Back to beat hearts: extraordinary Palio in Siena

Is confirmed, will be held on 20 October 2018

When will be the ride?

It is not a hoax, on 20 October 2018 there will be the extraordinary Palio di Siena, dedicated to the centenary of the end of World War I.

Will the third palio del 2018 after July won by the Contrada del Drago and August won by the Contrada della Lupa.


Unlike ordinary backgrounds was the Mayor Luigi De Mossi, on 30 September to raffle the first Contrada: the Torre, whose Captain pulled the Lupa, and so on until the 10th.

The painter will paint the Drape has already been chosen and communicated, Gian Marco Montesano. The Church where the Palio will be taken after the victory has been chosen: San Domenico.

The jockeys are already heating up and this third palio can be a ransom for those who are disappointed by previous careers.


Here are the names of the Contrade

Torre, Lupa, Chiocciola, Oca, Drago, Tartuca, Selva, Civetta, Nicchio e Giraffa.


Opening hours of the Palio

Rehearsals at night is set for 16 October from 10 to 12. The evidence of the Palio held 10 a.m. morning, while the afternoon at 17.15.

The release of the horses from the Entrone on the day of the Palio is scheduled for 17 hours.