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The company Agricola Nurseries Bonelli Alviano specializes in growing and selling organic fruit and ornamental trees, at Pescia in the province of Pistoia, Tuscany area nursery attraction.

The task start dates back to 1890 when Angiolo Bonelli, in addition to the crops and flowers of various kinds, he devoted himself particularly to the production of olive trees by grafting wild varieties from the seed.

The passion and respect for nature and its fruits toghether family Bonelli  for generations. Today the centuries-old tradition is combined with well with innovative systems used in the nursery. Each plant is cultivated with care and attention to be drawn from every shrub the best result.

The synergy between the company Bonelli and the area in which it operates is very strong.

This type of culture in fact over the years gave Pescia a chance to become the most important center of Italy and the world for the cultivation of olive trees from the nursery.

The company Bonelli is associated with the CORIPRO Consortium that safeguards the nurseries specialize in producing olive trees of the municipality of Pescia (PT).

The nursery Bonelli select the best plants to produce a top quality extra virgin olive oil and table olives.

The staff inside the nursery is available and prepared to meet the needs of our customers and help them in their choices.

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High quality and reliability of products

Bonelli nursery plants are cultivated with care and love. This allows the customer to purchase the highest quality products from which to draw the best fruits.

Vivai Alviano Bonelli Azienda Agricola Via di Campobasso n.62 51017 Pescia +39 0572451806