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Artistante is an artistic and graphic artist-owned laboratory pisana Paola Vagnoli, located in Lucca.

The project was created with the intent to infiltrate the art objects and everyday gestures, so that you can break the creative footprint seriality of everyday life.

The painting is at the heart of di Paola, whose production focuses on mixed techniques on paper or canvas. The works are not intended for printing on fabric, but are adapted depending on the circumstances and only for a limited number of objects.

Each scarf is an artistic reproduction, packaged and hand finished. The art mixes with crafts to produce printed fabrics unique in their kind.

For Paola paint isn't a compulsive Act, dictated by a snapshot inspiration, but a design process and research on fabrics to figure out which techniques are best suited to the surrender of the subject. The lines vary continuously, organized in small exclusive productions, sometimes adapted on request of customers.

The artist has long experience as a graphic designer and this has enabled it to adapt his paintings continuous printing, using mainly silk, with which he created stoles and other accessories.

Each accessory is an original work, a unique gift perfect for any occasion. Paola's creations are only available online on the website of It's Tuscany or on the website:

Area territoriale



Artistante, art and printed fabrics

Pure silk scarf


€ 165,00

Artistante, art and printed fabrics

Double Face Wool Stole Coriander


€ 160,00
Artistante di Paola Vagnoli Via delle Tagliate di San Concordio, 263 55100 Lucca +39 347 0494718