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Angiolini Cioccolato is a Tuscan historic reality that was born from a passion for quality and authenticity of chocolate, located in the heart of Pontedera.

When it comes to chocolate, for Angiolini the mind travels to the immense equatorial forest, rich in cocoa beans, where a young peasant years ago wanted to embark on their journey in search of excellence.

The raw material, cocoa, was born and raised in the heart of the small villages; left to dry in the Sun and collecting gently before arriving in Italy.
Here begins production in Tuscany, through the joint activity of a team that has always defined more than such a family. Cocoa is so meticulously worked to obtain a unique quality, and a goodness that is recognized by all those who have chosen it.

An exciting path that led the company to become a reality recognized for its ethical value and craftsmanship that makes each tablet or each praline, excellence of Tuscan chocolate shop.

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Litorale Pisano


A trip that arises from the love and passion for what is sublime

Angiolini Cioccolato is the ultimate expression of original chocolate shop. From the product grown and harvested by the generous rainforest lands, until the craft production in the heart of Tuscany

Handmade chocolate, from the selection of the pods to finished product

The craftsmanship is at home when it comes to Angiolini Cioccolato. After thirty years of work within a laboratory conducted by a renowned Master Pastry Chef fiorentino, Giovanni Angiolini wanted to bring their knowledge to a higher level. For this reason he decided to create his own chocolate starting from the cabosse, the cocoa plant, the mother of chocolate! A winning choice that has allowed us to create products excellence in Tuscany, an expression of what is called the real chocolate sublime.

Angiolini Cioccolato S.r.l. Via Enrico Fermi n.55 56012 Fornacette + 39 3407872793