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Angiolini Cioccolato is the home of tuscan chocolate shop that supplies the best cocoa from the countries of the equatorial belt and then works it in Tuscany, in the center of Pontedera.

From here genuine products with a unique taste are born,made through careful craftsmanship and through creativity from the hands of maestro Giovanni. An example? Pralines, produced in different and refined tastes, all to be discovered.

Chocolates that in the most modern and captivating forms are able to surprise us, to capture us, satisfying every desire to savor something new, of particular, simply exquisite.

Very fine, assorted products, such as traditional tablets,made of pure cocoa of two very particular varieties.

Criollo,the rarest and most valuable variety of cocoa ever that seems not to cover even 1% of the world's harvest and the Trinitarian that comes from a particular hybridization between Criollo cocoa and Forastero cocoa that represents about 8% of the production of all continents.

The tablets made by Angiolini consist of only three ingredients: cocoa, brown sugar, cocoa butter without the presence of soy lecithin and added aromas.

Each product thus retains its own secret,thanks also to a natural aroma that allows to limit the use of sugar. Discovering Angiolini Cioccolato means having the opportunity to taste something that never, until this moment, you have had the opportunity to try.

Area territoriale

Litorale Pisano


Angiolini Chocolate

Packaging "La Toscana"


€ 55,00

Angiolini Chocolate

Packaging "La Maestosa"


€ 55,00

Angiolini Chocolate

Packaging "La Sublime"


€ 110,00
Angiolini Cioccolato S.r.l. Via Enrico Fermi n.55 56012 Fornacette +39 3407872793