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An afternoon in Firenze

the second part of a guide to visitarere the town in a day

Everyone wants to visit Firenze, but nobody thinks he has the time to see it all in one day. Here, the second article to discover the best of the city in one day.


The afternoon fiorentino you can dial ini two different solutions, both exciting and aimed to conclude the tour in front of the window open for Florence, "the Piazzale Michelangelo, a perfect synthesis of the city for those who have not ever seen, suitable for a romantic walk or live with friends remembering old times.


The old bridge at the square, the most beautiful postcards of the city

Were we at the Uffizi, a strategic point to choose how to conclude the sightseeing.

The first solution that we propose is to arrive at PonteVecchio, the perfect place to take a souvenir picture, but also historical destination for all lovers of the cityscape to be observed stopping between the stalls and the goldsmiths that from generations take up on.

Continuing toward Piazza Pitti, towards Giardino di Boboli, you may want to stand between the many restaurants serving traditional Tuscan dishes, some of them in small but characteristic Piazza della Passera. Finished lunch, to digest as best you can to get to the area of Porta Romana where is an example of Italian gardens, recognized for its artistic and cultural value worldwide.

At that point, where I spent a few hours immersed in #Boboli you can get to Piazzale Michelangelo by choosing to take the famous tree-lined street that runs alongside the garden, impressive for what wonderful allows see from above. Alternatively you can get to Piazzale taking the bus that will take you directly to your destination.


An alternative shorter: arrive at Piazzale visiting Piazza Santa Croce

If the suggestion of the cult places of Florence you prefer an alternative shorter but still charmingand, then is the case of having to #PortaSanNiccolò to arrive to the square.

After visiting the Uffizi, it is therefore sufficient to take some hundred meters heading to Piazza Santa Croce, symbol of the city and theater of the famous Calcio Storico Fiorentino. This choice has the advantage of seeing the historical part of the city at its core, ancient streets covered by pebbles and houses that still retain the style of the past.

You can choose to take a break in or near the square with restaurants and bars serving traditional dishes where you can eat the #BisteccaallaFiorentina or anything faster then.

When you are ready to go, the way to get to the square is easy, for some, including the Florentines even secret. Arriving at #PortaSanNiccolò, passing through Ponte alle Grazie you can cut from the Piazza Poggi. Going up the street surrounded by green gardens that run through, to just 700 meters, you arrive at Piazzale Michelangelo.


The Piazzale Michelangelo, a window on Firenze

Both solutions allow you to arrive at your destination. Change the length of the journey, but as they say, the important thing is being there!

Anyone who has seen the Piazzale for the first time said he was speechless, he lost in the vastness of the landscape and the colours that blend together. All that you have visited or seen in films is in front of the eyes, so much so that it is not easy to find a space to be able to stay long on the balustrade and marvel at a glance "Florence", as they say in these parts.

For this you can swim to the nearby Chiesa di SanMiniato, another point above that many ignore, but which remains one of the most beautiful postcards before returning to review at least once the cradle of the Renaissance from above.


After this particular proposal for a tour, the day will end approximately for the estimated time of sunset. The best time to experience the view proposed by the belvedere and heading back towards home. At that point, just take one of the buses that are in the center of the square to get comfortable in Bahnhof.