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Alabastri Duccesci Export is an experienced in the processing and manufacturing of precious objects related to the noble Alabaster, present with its own specialized laboratory, in the Centre of Volterra.

From idea to launch the brand Pietra Degli Dei as luxury sector of shipbuilding, Alabasters Davidson has turned their hobby into a profession recognized for their undisputed cultural and artistic value .

A Tuscan reference that has managed over the years go beyond national borders to engage also in the furniture industry. Construction proposals introduced by the company are in fact multiple, suitable for any furnishing context.

Among the most creative installations required by clients include kitchens, fireplaces and book-coffee bar, but recently the projects have gone into something truly unique.

Alabastri Ducceschi holds the first patent for the realization of the bulb in Alabaster. A unique product that the market knows thanks to their talent and their creativity for the first time.

With the workings of these Tuscan artisans each environment can be covered with new lights and colors, each able to reevaluate and give new luster to the most damaged areas.

Area territoriale

Val di Cecina


Alabasters Davidson

Heart box "Full of Love" in Alabaster


€ 32,00

Alabasters Davidson

Jewel Bag "Secrets"


€ 100,00

Alabasters Davidson

Lamp Black Shadow


€ 300,00

Alabasters Davidson

Arnione of light


€ 120,00

Alabasters Davidson

Leaf Donatello


€ 800,00
Alabastri Ducceschi Export S.r.l Loc.San Quirico Zona Industriale SRT 439 56048 Volterra +39 058842213